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Welcome to the testimonial page for Catspit Productions. These testimonials are pulled from website emails, YouTube messages, comments and Guestbook entries. The text has not been altered in any way except for certain names which have been removed for anonymity. If you would like to write a testimonial complete with your name and receive a link with it, please contact us.

Catspit Productions enjoys teaching how to screen print. Thank you for all of your support!

"No question; was just a message to say thank you for all the great information you have provided me. You're an inspiration to ALL of the print industry, I'm a production manager of a lithographic print firm, and I'm looking to venture out into screen print as a hobby and maybe a small progressive business. I know how secretive tricks of trade can be (trust me). And you should be very proud of yourself for making some really fantastic videos, to help so many people bring their dreams to reality. Keep up the good work!"

"Hey there, I am just learning how to screen print and have been all over your website and YouTube channel...just wanted to say thanks for all the great advice you've put out there. I've been printing for about two weeks with more success than fail due to your helpful posts, so thanks. Keep up the good work!"

"I'm drawing up designs for a make-shift printing machine and it's taking up a lot of my spare time and can sometimes play on my mind for hours and hours at a time. That being said, I'm finding this project a lot of fun. The reason I'm telling you all of this is, without your YouTube videos, I would never have gotten this far and would probably have stop making tshirts. Your advice and the amount of time you've put into teaching others is truly magnificent. So thank you, you've done me a tremendous service. Have a good day."

"I just got a small screen printing kit and had no idea how to use it but, thanks to your (YouTube) channel I have a basic understanding about the whole process. Thanks for taking the time to make the videos."

"I appreciate YouTube that it can transform the world thru learning videos like the ones you uploaded but the real credit goes to unselfish people like you who are willing to share the knowledge you have. Thanks you and more power"

"Thanks much for all your feedback! You're probably the only person on YouTube that replies to their viewers and I'd like to thank you again for that! I recently began getting hands on screen printing, I began trying heat transfers but they are just not the same as screen printing. I have been watching many related videos but no one has replied with such great advise that you have thanks!"

"I have written quite a few times to ask questions over the last year and have been a loyal follower of both your website and your youtube channel... (and recently your Facebook page). Quite often I write to get direction and advice on how to do things and to get guidance. And without fail you answer. That is remarkable that someone will take the time to not only respond, but provide guidance as faithfully as you have done. The questions I have asked, and the guidance you have provided have saved me countless hours of trial and error. Books and DVDs are great but they can not cover absolutely everything. You have provided me guidance in many of the gaps that those other learning tools don't provide. So thank you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with those of us who are still green in many areas of printing. And thank you for taking the time to respond regardless of how simple and basic our questions are."

"I see you have years of experience and you still have your enthusiasm. I am developing a reclaimed High school art interest in screen printing, waiting until I can make my first purchases, probably the Adobe program and Epson printer, I haven't bought my supply's yet, but I've been busy educating myself. Your website and YouTube videos are very informative. You have yourself a Fan, because I support your current mission, and your value of education."

"I want to thank you guys for the YouTube info. A few freinds and me are starting a screen printing business and if had not been for you guys i would be really lost."

"thank you so much for these videos. i'm trying to start up a little screen printing business in my garage and i've found these to be amazingly helpful. :)"

"Great video....thanks for the info....The wife and i are thinking about starting a small in house shop..here in SUNNY cincinnati....you are very helpful....again thanks"

"I have watch all your videos and view your website frequently as I am looking for information... so Thank you for putting all that info out there."

"I stumbled across your site while searching for screen printing businesses in the Phoenix area and just wanted to say thanks for all the videos. I have been very interested in screen printing lately and they have been a great deal of help answering all of my questions and what not. Thanks again."

"sir your vids are the best! I'm just new in the business and I've learn many things. More power to Catspit!"

"I wanted to thank you for your videos on youtube they were very educational. I'm starting to print t-shirts and your videos were very useful."

"now i know what back flooding is.. now i printed more than i usually do!! thank you so0o much for the advice!"

"Thanks for your site. You're the bomb I got a lot of knowledge from your YouTube channel and your site. Thanks again."

"I just want to tell you how great your videos are - they gave me real practical inside into sreen-printing. I teach illustration in Frankfurt/Germany, and was given the chance to cooperate with a collegue who teaches it at uni using screen-printing. I myself work with etching and lithography with my students and thus was really worried that I was going to appear quite dumb. But all went well!"

"I just want to thank you for the way you managed to creat a helpful website for begginers like myselfe. I do visit your website, and also watch your vedios all the times. Thanks a lot, and keep up with the hard work. Ok, I just think that it is nice to hear how of a good job someone is doing. Thus, I am writing. Thank you."

"Hi, I'm from Puerto Rico and I'm following you in YouTube as xxxxxxxx. I love all your work and that's why I'm looking for advice. I want to get some equipment like frames, ink, emulsion, etc... Do you know any website where I can buy them ? Any help will be nice. Thanks in advance"

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the generous information that you are giving to individuals such as myself who are starting to get interested in screen printing."

"I just wanted to thank you for your YOUTUBE video series. What is so amazing to me is how unselfishly you deliver your information, tips and techniques that encourage "newbies" to share what you've learned over time."

"hey! thank you for the very informative videos. im a seasoned printer but still learned some stuff from you. was wondering if u had any tips on using the m&r gauntlet that you have the video on, we just got a virtually identical one at the shop where i work, and we've been havin a lot of trouble with it."

"Hey your videos are really helpful, thanks for the tips and advice. I have been making shirts and would like to upgrade to the emulsion method."

"I watched a few of your videos on screen printing and was wondering, I was thinking about making my own tshirts and starting my own little t shirt company."

"Hey Jonathan how are you doing? My name is xxxx and I'm out in Riverside, Ca.. I dig watching your educational workshops and have decided that I would like to start making shirts out of my garage."

"Hey John this is xxxx from nj we sent a few emails last week and your help really fixed my problem."

"hi catspitProduction, im one of your avid fan and enthusiast of your very infromative video, all info was ther in your educational video that helps like me, could you please show also how to make screen?"

"How cool is it that you are willing to share this info for free!?! You guys are awesome! Kudos from Daisy @ Hazzard County Graphics!"

"Hey Jon, dude you have the best informative videos on yutube. Thanks for the time in doing those."

"hey dude. great stuff. i am an artist that has been dreaming of doing what you do. i dont have much money and was looking into heat press transfer...and will build up to a bigger way like what you do. do you have any advice. how expensive is it to start a screen print business at home? thanx again dude."

"I have watched several of your videos which contain great information. I want to start a business from my home. Please direct me where to get the best equipment for the entire process start to finish."

"I just wanted to say thank you for all of the time you have spent creating all of the videos about screen printing. I am just about to start producing my own t shirts and they are of great help."

"you are a genuine good person... these videos.... you get nothing out of them, yet you make them and help tons of people. wow... kudos..."

"Your educational video is excellent. I am glad to come across people like you that don't mind sharing information about the process. Most people feel so threatened by another "screenprinter" that they won't share anything."

"Firstly, Let me say thanks for the videos, I have tried a few and have found some who go on a tad too much and then some who don't even bother to speak through their videos. I am finding all your tips very helpful and I am basically learning about the process via your videos."

"thank you so much for all of your videos. they've been such a great help for me as i'm in the process of learning how to screen print. 5 stars + i've been a subscriber for a few weeks now."

"I want to thank you for all the videos you've posted. I'm just getting into screen printing and it's videos like this which not only piqued my interest, but gave me the familiarity and the confidence to take the plunge. You've been doing a huge service to all of us, and for that I thank you."

"Thank you for your videos. I have found them to be helpful and informative. You have a friendly mannerism and it translates well in your videos...great job!"