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Screen Printing Article Archive

Welcome to the screen printing articles archive. This is a list of screen printing articles on this website. Please click on the article title to go to the page. Scroll down to see articles by Saati. Don't forget to visit the Print Supplies page for discounts on Saati chemicals and much more!


Common Plastisol Ink Additives

Consumables Usage Charts; Inks, Emulsions And Chemicals


Detail And Halftones Using Higher Mesh Counts

Dye Migration: Screen Printing Polyesters & Poly Blends


Frame Materials: A Closer Look At Wood & Metal


Guide To Choosing And Caring For Your Squeegees


Halftone Printing: General Recommendations & Guidelines

How To Mix Screen Printing Inks By Weight And Volume


Introduction To Ink; Water Based Plastisol Screen Printing Inks


Manual Rotary Screen Printing: How To Use A Tee Shirt Press

Manual Textile Press Settings: Using Off Contact

Mixing Color Plastisol Inks: Creating Basic Colors

Mixing Nylobond With Plastisol Inks: Nylon Printing


Outputting Artwork To Film For Screen Making


Pallet Adhesives For Screen Printing: Spray Tacks, Bulk, and Papers

Plastisol Specialty Inks: Foiling, Metallic, Glitters, Puff & More

Printing A White Under Base On Black Or Dark Garments

Printing Wet And Printing With A Flash Cure

Proper Emulsion Performance, Mesh Care And Preparation

Proper Mesh Tension: Getting Better Stencil Performance

Pull Flood And Push Stroke Vs. Push Flood And Pull Stroke


Scorched Garments And Using Scorch Out

Screen Printing Mesh: Count Conversions, Nomenclatures & More

Screen Printing Mesh Preparation: Getting Mesh Ready For Emulsion

Screen Printing With A Flash Cure: Advice On Flashing Tee Shirts

Screens: Understanding Frame Choices And Stretching Options

Squeegee Blade Sharpness and Stencil Drag

Squeegee Durometer And Print Results

Starting Your Own Screen Printing Business: Common Pitfalls

Stencil Performance: Understanding Direct Emulsions & Capillary Films


The Basic Tools And Steps Involved In Screenprinting

The Benefits & Challenges Of Water Based Inks

The Yudu Screen Printing Machine: What Can It Really Do?

"Thin Mesh": Higher Mesh Counts & Lower Thread Diameters

Trouble Shooting Tips For Direct Emulsions

Types Of Film Positives For Making Screens


Understanding Direct Liquid Emulsions

Using A Flash Cure Unit To Do Your Final Cure

Using Direct Emulsions: Screen Coating Tips

Screenprinting Articles by Saati

The following is a list of links to PDF articles about screen printing by Saati. The articles tend to be much more technical than the majority of articles on this website. These articles appear on the Catspit website courtesy of Saati and have been published previously. © SaatiPrint. Please make sure to visit the Print Supplies page to view the products offered by Saatichem.

In Pursuit Of The Perfect Stencil
by Ross Balfour of SaatiPrint

Take Control of Your Stencil for Printing 4 Color Process With UV Ink
by Ross Balfour of SaatiPrint

Mesh Adhesion: Fixing in on Mesh To Frame Attachment
by Eric Klein of SaatiPrint

What to Expect from Your Stencil: Intro to Stencil Types
by Ross Balfour of SaatiPrint

Understanding Emulsions and Stencil Exposure
by Ross Balfour of SaatiPrint

SaatiPrint TechTip Handbook

The Saati handbook is full of screen printing tech tips and instructional information. This is an excellent resource for intermediate and experienced screen printers. Again some of the information here may get technical but it still should be understandable to most. Brought to you by SaatiPrint and SaatiChem . Make sure to check out the selection of Saati chemicals and emulsions available with a discount using the Catspit code.