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Free Plans & Information

This is a very impressive website for free plans to build a 4 color, 1 station manual screen printing press. The site has detailed explanations and illustrations as well as close up photos of a built and well used press. It is a rare thing when someone offers such detailed instructions on how to build your own press for free. You can even buy the hardware in a package and supply the lumber yourself. Contact and purchasing information is on the website. This is a must to check out!

Creators: © Michael Phipps and © Dan Mitchell
Plans Prepared by: © Michael Phipps

Four Color Screen Printing Press Plans - PDF

From: http://www.printingplans.com

See shirts printed on this press at:

This is a very detailed instructional tutorial complete with images and specifications for making a modern skate board screen printing press. This is a general guide to making a skate board press as far as shape so some calculations may be necessary to configure this to your particular board. Copyright © 2007-2013 DIYskate.com


Do you want to see some really professionally homemade screen printing equipment? Then check out Steve at ScreenPrintingGuy.Com. He has put up information about a washout booth, light table and a press that he built in his home. Steve does not have any plans for these items but he will answer questions about them. Check it out! © 2007-2009 screenprintingguy.com


How To Screen Print Overviews

In this series of free craft videos from eHow.com, a screen printer takes you through all of the steps involved in creating a screen-printed t-shirt using a paper stencil. Melina Piroso, from eHow.com begins with an overview of screen printing basics and then discusses all of the steps involved in the process. Copyright 1999-2010 eHow, Inc.

Paper Stencil Printing Video Series

This is a link to a very cool step by step instructional on how to screen print for the do it yourselfer. It has excellent photographs for each step. All contents © 2004 Erich S. Lehman. Photography and assistance by Dana M. Busch.

Basics: Screen Printing

Here is a link to a great "how to screen print" article by Shannon Gerard on Jim Munroe's blog. This is a pretty thorough how to essay with information about simple artwork.

How to Silkscreen Posters and Shirts

How To Screen Print Posters using Rubylith By Fecal Face. © 2008 FECAL FACE DOT COM

How To Screen Print Posters using Rubylith By Fecal Face

This is a great website dedicated to all kinds of do it yourself arts, crafts, cooking and so much more. Here are a couple of links for how to screen print at home instructions. These are cool step by step articles with photos. © 2009 Instructables.com

Screen Printing: Cheap, Dirty, and At Home

Down And Dirty Screenprinting For Under 10$

Here is a home brew for screen printing tee shirts at home. Here the writer uses non soluble glue to create the stencil rather than drawing fluid or block out. This is a very simple yet effective technique but is labor intensive in creating the stencil. This is a great low cost method. Copyright © 1999-2009 LiveJournal, Inc. All rights reserved.

Cheap Screen Printing Tutorial