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Pressure Washers For Screenprinting

It is recommended that you have a pressure washer on hand for screen printing. It will be very useful when making and reclaiming screens. A pressure washer is great for degreasing your screens before you coat them with emulsion and when you want to remove the emulsion.

They can also be helpful when de-hazing and removing stains from mesh. In fact, sometimes it will be necessary to use a pressure washer to reclaim screens when the emulsion gets tough and the mesh needs maintaining. Emulsion can become tough or hardened for a number of reasons including incompatible chemicals.

If you use solvents or other chemicals not intended for use on your emulsion, it is possible to make reclaiming more difficult. Spraying reclaimer on an emulsion coated screen and allowing it to dry will make it very hard to remove. And finally, old screens that have been sitting around for years or even months with ink can be troublesome. An easy way to make your screen making process less of a workout is to buy a pressure washer. This will make your screen printing endeavors much more pleasant. It will speed things up too. If you are doing commercial work with higher volumes, you may need a heavy duty pressure washer.

A Personal Note From Jonathan:

Below are some of the pressure washers most suitable for screen printing at home from Amazon. I took some time to peruse their collection of electric pressure washers and chose these models for their pricing and functionality. These items are here for your convenience and consideration. Please take a look at these units if you are considering buying a pressure washer. The following items are here as a suggestion only. Catspit Productions does not recommend, endorse, promote or advertise these items as "tested for screen printing". It is up to you to make sure the items listed will do the job to your satisfaction.

Keeping Your Pressure Washer Running:

  • Never let the unit run without water
  • Never run hot water through your unit
  • Try to keep runtimes less than 30 minutes
  • Make sure the tip never gets clogged with debris
  • Do not drop the "gun" part of the unit on cement
  • Keep the unit from getting sprayed with excess water
  • Make sure to always register for your warranty