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Digital Scales For Mixing Screen Printing Inks

When you are engaged in any type of screen printing you will eventually find the need to mix inks. You may need to mix additives or catalysts into "straight from the bucket" colors or you may wish to mix custom colors. Either way a digital scale is a necessary tool in screenprinting.

Even though you may not think you will use it much, it will prove to be very handy in the shop. If you plan on mixing larger quantities of ink get a scale that has pounds and ounces. For smaller quantities of inks or additives use a scale with measurements in ounces or grams.

The selection below includes all measurement types. It is not imperative that your scale be scientifically accurate to an exactitude that would make the scale very costly. Close enough should be fine with most ink mixing situations. Scales that will work for Postal purposes should work fine for mixing inks. An expensive scientific scale is not necessary unless you want that kind of unit.

If you need further assistance with mixing plastisol inks for screen printing, please visit the Plastisol Ink Mixing page of this website. There you will find help for working with textile screenprinting inks, links to mixing and color theory articles.

A Personal Note From Jonathan:

Below are some digital scales most suitable to screen printing. I took some time to peruse Amazon's collection of digital scales and chose these models for their pricing and functionality. These items are here for your convenience and consideration. Please take a look at these units if you are considering buying a digital scale. The following digital scales are here as a suggestion only. Catspit Productions does not recommend, endorse, promote or advertise these items as "tested for screen printing". It is up to you to make sure the items listed will do the job to your satisfaction.