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Infrared Temperature Thermometers

In order to cure plastisol inks properly so that they will not wash out you can use an infrared temperature thermometer. You can use this device to read the temperature of the print surface as it exits your shirt oven or other ink curing device.

It is important to remember that with tee shirt printing it is critical to cure the plastisol ink correctly. If you do not, the print will crack, flake and ultimately wash off. The idea is to get the entire ink layer of the printed ink to reach between 330 and 340 degrees F. This will cause the plasticizer in the ink to bond and become permanently flexible.

An infrared temperature gun will help you determine if the ink is reaching the optimum temperature for curing. Unlike other facets of the screen printing industry, the curing of textile ink is crucial because the shirt will be laundered over and over while being continuously in the eye of the purchaser. The last thing you want to happen is for your shirts to wash out after you deliver them to the customer.

It's a costly mistake that can make you look bad for some time especially if the shirts continue to be worn. It is suggested that you use a devise like a temp gun to check your curing process in combination with other technical or physical testing measures. This is probably a good thing to do when you first start out. After a while all you should need is the temp gun.

A Personal Note From Jonathan:

Below are some infrared temperature thermometers or temp guns most suitable to screen printing. I took some time to peruse Amazon's collection of infrared temperature thermometers and chose these models for their pricing and functionality. These items are here for your convenience and consideration. Please take a look at these units if you are considering buying an infrared temperature thermometer. The following temp guns are here as a suggestion only. Catspit Productions does not recommend, endorse, promote or advertise these items as "tested for screen printing". It is up to you to make sure the items listed will do the job to your satisfaction.