Flash Dryer curing t-shirts - BURNED!

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Flash Dryer curing t-shirts - BURNED!

Postby Jhonattan » Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:25 am

This is the first time I try curing t-shirts with plastisol using a Flash Dyer Unit 1800W I see smoke, the t-shirt for sure is getting burned and the ink doesn't look like it's setting, It's not sticky or wet but it looks like it. I guess I will know once it's washed :shock: but can someone help me figure out why they're smoking and what should be the right distance to the unit?

Right now is seating at like 6 inches off the burning element but it seems like it's scorching the tees.

Please help!

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Re: Flash Dryer curing t-shirts - BURNED!

Postby Catspit Productions » Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:00 am

It sounds like you are over heating the ink. Some plastisol inks look glossy by nature but others will become very glossy when heated beyond the curing temp. You can test the shirt for scorching by pulling the fabric. If it tears easily, then it is scorched. The shirt will scorch before the ink will burn but the ink will get glossy as it gets hotter.

So you may need to lower the temp on the flash cure, or raise it higher, and use an infrared temperature gun to take a surface reading off of the printed ink. You'll want to hit 330 to 380 degrees F depending on how much ink is actually printed. The more ink you print, the more heat it will need to cure properly. These videos may help out:

I hope that helps out some. Let me know if you have further questions about this.
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