Ranar LED Screenprinting Exposure Unit: Screen Burns

Here you can discuss issues related to exposing screens for screen printing. This includes determining the exposure, light sources and washing out the stencil in the washout booth. Emulsion issues may also be addressed here.

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Ranar LED Screenprinting Exposure Unit: Screen Burns

Postby Catspit Productions » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:46 pm

Okay I finally got this video done. I had to shoot the washing out of the screens twice because I forgot to set up the close up camera. LOL... can you notice the defect in the screen on one of the close up shots? Well... enjoy!

This is the long awaited LED exposure unit video in which we make 2 different screen exposures using the new Ranar LED XPO2331 vacuum top exposure unit. LED exposure units are the latest technology in screen making for screen printing textiles and other substrates. These units may be multiple bulb light sources technically but the little LED bulbs are focused and they emit UV light at about 400 nanometers wavelength. This is exactly what the emulsion wants to see and it will cure the emulsion very well from the substrate side to the inkwell side. The quality of light is such that it cures all emulsion types with ease. It should eliminate or drastically reduce emulsion scum and filming of underexposed emulsion on the inkwell side. Check out this video and follow along as I expose 2 screens with you and take close up looks at the stencils we create. If you’re looking into getting a point source exposure unit or even an industrial black lamp unit you should seriously take a look at the new LED exposure unit made by Ranar and sold through Catspit Productions.


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