My Washout Booth by Classic.

Here you can discuss issues related to exposing screens for screen printing. This includes determining the exposure, light sources and washing out the stencil in the washout booth. Emulsion issues may also be addressed here.

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My Washout Booth by Classic.

Postby Classic » Sat Jul 19, 2014 8:43 am

Hello guys!, I would like to share w/ y'all our modified washout booth for our silk screen business.

I was at the seller buying a dummy for my online catalog and then I saw what it could be a perfect washing out booth (see images attached).
photo 1.JPG

As some you may know, I live in Costa Rica and down here it could very difficult to find a good booth and even if you are thinking on importing it... Taxes and shipping will eat you alive, the ones I saw on ebay were over $600... And this thing cost us $70 plus parts such the light bulbs and so forth, so run the numbers--we save at least +$400.
photo 4-1.JPG

So for that reason, we decided to "homemade" this puppy to do the washout booth.

Here is the video of the final out come:

Thanks for watching,

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Re: My Washout Booth by Classic.

Postby Catspit Productions » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:10 pm

Hey that thing is pretty cool! A washout booth is a good non critical piece of equipment that is great to build. If you can plumb and seal things up like you did here then why not? A lot of people in the States use old shower stalls with tub basins. They raise them up and cut a backlight in and there you go...

Thanks for sharing.
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