Screen Printing Equipment and Supplies From A Real Printer

Catspit Productions is an authorized RANAR dealer and we can offer the complete line of their top quality products. If you don’t see it on the website please give us a call for sales assistance. Here you can discuss RANAR equipment. You may direct questions to RANAR as they may respond directly here.

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Screen Printing Equipment and Supplies From A Real Printer

Postby Catspit Productions » Tue May 10, 2016 12:45 pm

Screen Printing Equipment and Supplies From A Real Screen Printer Helping Others….

The #Ranar screenprinting equipment I sell is made in the USA right in El Segundo, California. The company was started by a screen printer many years ago and the first press designs were made by a screen printer. That tradition continues today with the added special attention to detail that Catspit Productions provides the designers at Ranar. When you buy screenprinting equipment from Catspit Productions, you can rest assured the people who designed and built your press know how to screen print and build from experience. Do you see moving parts on the print head that touch the screen frame when lining up screens in press? Do you only have one pallet bracket available for your press? Well if you bought a press from Catspit Productions the answer to both of those questions would be a big NO. We feature large and small pallet brackets so you can get smaller sized shirts on our presses. AND our print heads have no moving parts that touch the screen when you lock it in. Just 2 of the over 10 sell points I could make to you on my Ranar products. Check out the video on the category page for more reasons why my equipment is better ;) ... equipment/

RANAR Presses.jpg

Check out one of the largest selections of standard infrared and forced air belt dryers on the market. Chances are no matter what your needs are, we have the perfect conveyor dryer for your business. Ranar is well known for their heavily built dryers and their energy efficiency. They use the best infrared panels available in the US and build dryers for other industries as well. We offer a great warranty and free shipping anywhere in the continental US. We have models suitable for manual screen printing as well as automatic screenprinting presses.

Don’t forget! Most all of my Ranar equipment pricing includes any crating fees PLUS free shipping! What you see is what you pay.

If you’re outside the continental US you can help support my educational endeavors by sharing my links below. Help support the continued production of free screenprinting videos for the world to enjoy! ... 3120361983!/How2screenprint ... sllc/sets/

Please help me help the world and if you cannot do business with me, please share my videos and promote my YouTube channel as much as you can. Thanks for all your continued support!

Screenprinting equipment and supplies, classes, training, shop rentals:

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