Why Should You Buy From Screen Printing Equipment Catspit Productions, LLC?

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Why Should You Buy From Screen Printing Equipment Catspit Productions, LLC?

Postby Catspit Productions » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:01 am

Why Should You Buy From Screen Printing Equipment Catspit Productions, LLC?

The Catspit difference; I am a screen printer and I worked for many screen print shops throughout the USA and I even ran my own printing shop in Arizona. But today I sell screen printing equipment and supplies because it’s what I love to do. When I started teaching and making screenprinting videos for YouTube, people began to ask me where to get the supplies I was using in my videos. Then they began to ask where to get the equipment too. So naturally since I was getting older I transitioned to a screen printing equipment and supplies dealer here in Phoenix. So there’s the difference.

I have been screen printing since I was 11 years old and I have printed many different things on many different machines. I’ve seen artwork go from mechanical to digital and today you can even print “film positives” in dye ink directly onto the emulsion coated screen for exposure. Today there are even “direct to screen” machines that will not only do that but they can expose the screen on the way out of the machine. This is why I can help you much better than an ordinary salesman from other screen printing suppliers. I have actually screen printed for a living. Most salesmen at other suppliers have never screen printed for a living. Some may have never screen printed at all with some exceptions of course. So give me a call and an opportunity to serve you.

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Featuring new equipment for 2017!

Manual graphic Presses:

Automatic Graphic Presses:
http://catspitscreenprintsupply.com/awt ... equipment/

Print Racks:

ASPE RapidTag Automatic Tag Presses:

Saga Plotters:

I am an experienced screen printer. Not just a salesman. Therefore I teach and advise from experience. I never try to sell you things you don’t need and I am more knowledgeable than a simple screen printing equipment “salesman.”

Here are other reasons why you should buy equipment from Catspit Productions, LLC.

- No sales tax on many out of State orders - No sales tax on all equipment purchases out of or in Arizona State. We only charge sales tax for California on equipment and supplies. Sales tax is charged for supplies in Arizona but not on equipment. We’re still small enough to not have to pay taxes on out of state internet sales. Those tax savings are your savings. Sometimes doing business with a smaller company has its sales tax benefits.

- Free shipping on all major RANAR and RhinoTech equipment purchases - We now offer free shipping anywhere in the continental United States on all major RANAR and RhinoTech equipment purchase over $100. That’s right! Our major discount incentive saves you hundreds if not thousands on shipping your equipment to you. We’re the only Ranar and RhinoTech dealer in the US to offer free shipping all year round. You don’t have to wait for a sale to save on freight.

- NO credit card processing fees! While other dealers and sellers of screen printing equipment charge you a fee for using a credit card, Catspit Productions does not. Use your credit card freely without being hit with a big surcharge in processing fees. Save hundreds if not thousands!

- Lifetime press guarantee only from Catspit - We guarantee all Ranar screenprinting presses to last a lifetime. Catspit Productions guarantees all parts, with the exception of MDF pallets, for a lifetime for the original owner if you buy through Catspit Productions. We do not guarantee or warranty Ranar presses bought through Ranar or other dealers.

- Unique press design - The Ranar screen printing presses we sell use compression springs rather than dangerous expansion springs or weak gas shocks. The compression spring and lift arm parts are all guaranteed for a lifetime, of course. All of our products are made and/or assembled in the USA.

- Quality, durability, reliability - Our equipment uses more welds than bolts. Even on the Vista press which is modular and upgradable we have more welds than many of the “erector set” type equipment that you see today. Ranar has been building screenprinting equipment for over 30 years and they never bought out any other plans, designs or brand names to call their own. We use 100% original designs that have been proven over the years through usage by screen printers.

Screenprinting equipment and supplies, training:

Catspit Productions, LLC
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