Keeping your hands clean

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Keeping your hands clean

Postby Lorieanne » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:10 pm

Hello all! I am only 3 months into screen printing, and I work strictly in the screen room. I reclaim screens, coat screens, and burn them. I am really enjoying what I do. The only downside is while reclaiming screens I get the emulsion and/ or the Emulsion remover all over my hands. Because of this the little tiny lines in my fingertips have turned blue as well as anywhere else that my fingers are dry. It is in the super hot and humid where I live and if my hands are only slightly dry and becoming dyed blue I can only imagine what they will look like in the winter time!! Is there any way to remove this from those little lines in my fingers? Ive scrubbed my hands almost raw with a fingernail brush using Dawn dishsoap and that did not help get it out . I did figure out that fingernail polish remover on a Q-tip will get it out from under and around my fingernails and cuticles, however it does not get it from those little lines in my fingers ( where fingerprints would be). Please help! My fingers look gross and dirty to me.

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