An Old Design For A New Screenprinting Video!

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An Old Design For A New Screenprinting Video!

Postby Catspit Productions » Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:38 pm

An Old Design For A New Screenprinting Video!

Thankfully the power outage we had yesterday is fixed. The power came on about 4pm yesterday. I did end up coming back to the storefront to make sure everything was off and reply to some emails. Anyway…. this past weekend I had a student come in for a multi colored printing training session and we set up this older but very cool Catspit design with 4 colors. This art was made for printing on white tee shirts only and has spot colors mixed with some halftone work. It’s a simple yet complex design since it does allow for some mixing of the yellow and red in the flowers. I am shooting a very short video about this print that will feature a test print of the design and some close up shots of the print. The color hue of the video seems jacked up for some reason but I think I can clean it up well enough to get a good video out of the footage I took. It’s odd. One day the camera is fine with nice cool blue whites and then other times it seems to pick up colors that are not there. Go figure…. Please stay tuned.


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