Go Pro Hero 3 Screen Printing Shop Experimental Review

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Go Pro Hero 3 Screen Printing Shop Experimental Review

Postby Catspit Productions » Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:28 pm

A Go Pro Hero 3 Screen Printing Shop Experimental Adventure Review

This is an experimental video using only a Go Pro Hero 3 sport camera. I wanted to get used to how this little unit works and shoots since you cannot see what you are shooting when you place the camera. It has a very severe wide angle lens which compensates for that by getting almost everything in a 180 degree field of view. It seems to have a huge depth of field capturing things far away and close up with great focus. The audio microphone is really worthless since it’s inside the water proof case. So the audio from this unit is practically useless unless you’re in a noisy situation where the muffles audio may actually be cool. The image quality is great and seems to render perfectly a 16:9 ratio, 59 frames per second, 1440x1080 HD in Sony Vegas Pro 10. The worst part about it is you cannot frame the shot so when dealing with composition you have to do that in editing. I had to straighten out most of these shots in this video so as to not be all Bat Man like with crooked, angular scenes. For most of what I do that will be an issue. I only got it a little wet since the back does not seem to fully close and seal the rubber gasket. But as I understand it should be able to get fully submerged and survive ;) The little unit works pretty well and being so small I can fit it places my Sony Handy Cams cannot go. If I spent some more time playing around, I’m sure I could have found more places to experiment with. But this video was intended to introduce me to the unit so I can incorporate Go Pro shots into my usual tutorial screen printing videos on YouTube. Now if they only centered the lens to the case to make it easier to center your shots….. Enjoy the experimental Go Pro Hero 3 fun!

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