Learn How To Screen Print With Catspit Productions, LLC
About The Videos

All of the educational screen printing videos are made by Jonathan at Catspit Productions. Jonathan comes up with the video topics, plans the video, shoots the footage, and edits the final cut into a YouTube friendly "how to" video. The videos are not paid endorsements although some do contain product reviews or other screenprinting product usage. Catspit Productions does not get paid directly for the production of YouTube videos. The videos earn revenue for the continued production of free educational material through Google ads.

Most all of the videos we produce here at Catspit Productions are related to screen printing tee shirts or other garments. The videos are made in the usual course of business when time allows. Video shooting comes secondary to actual production in the shop. Some videos may be shot and edited well in advance of being uploaded to YouTube.

Currently Jonathan uses 2 Sony Handycams XR350's with 2 wireless Bluetooth microphones, ECM-HW2. The wireless microphone is a recent addition to the tools used to make the videos and most videos have been previously shot using the on camera microphone. The microphone hangs above Jonathan in the different shooting locations. The lighting in the shop is done using compact fluorescent bulbs with daylight balanced output. The bulbs are rated between 4,800 K to 5,500 K. There are multiple bulbs throughout the shop that allow for shooting in different places with minimal lighting adjustments. In total 20 bulbs are used. Of these 5 are special large bulbs inside soft boxes while the remainders are bare bulbs. He also uses a few accessories and accoutrements left over from his days as a studio photographer such as light stands, shoot through devices, diffusers, scrims, booms and so on.

Jonathan's editing skills are limited but growing with time. He is using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum. Many of the visual effects are done in front of the camera rather than in the video editing software. But some editing effects are used to render the videos at times. Most all of the early videos up until the beginning of 2011 were done using Movie Maker and a variety of cameras none of which were HD. The first wide format "HD" video was uploaded January 6th, 2011. But the first real HD video was not uploaded until March 4th 2011.

If you watch the screen printing videos from the beginning video to present day uploads, you will see Jonathan mature and grow comfortable with being on camera. At first he was reluctant and reserved when making the videos. Today his character shines through as he endeavors to make the videos just as much fun to watch as they are to learn from.

Please support Jonathan and the production of free educational screenprinting materials by visiting the Print Supplies page of this website. You can buy your needed screen printing items while supporting the project and receiving discounts or other special offers. Thank you very much for your continued support. Please also remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel to show your support!